Procuring Success – How to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with Strategic Purchasing

Systems usage often comes as an afterthought, making use of the existing technology stack at the company, without much regard to future need. This can lead to suboptimal tools that lead to suboptimal processes, which ultimately lead to suboptimal performance. By having a systems’ strategy, in procurement and/or other departments, the company strategy and systems roadmap can enable better synergies and improved processes and performance. While going through this process the company will learn and develop its own internal process library and capabilities, ensuring that more than just the core-competency becomes part of its competitive advantage.

In this presentation you will learn:

How to get the (real) system requirements specifications

How to bridge the gap between system requirements and available tools

How to formulate a systems strategy

Daniel Pryjma, Systems Manager, Global Procurement, Wolt

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