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Business Partner

Digimind is a leading Competitive Intelligence software and social media monitoring tool, designed for brands who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. It is recognized by market analysts Forrester and Gartner and is a number one customer-rated leader on G2 Crowd. The Digimind Intelligence platform allows private, public, and non-profit organizations to collect, analyze and disseminate relevant information to enlighten strategic decisions. Digimind Intelligence was designed with a user-friendly interface to enhance interaction and collaboration within organizations. With offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, and Rabat, Digimind serves more than 600 customers worldwide including Fedex, Sanofi, Rolex, and General Electric.


“We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision making and strategic planning. We call it Informed Leadership.”M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in twelve countries. Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary big data technology and human intelligence.
We offer media, business, and market intelligence solutions, strategic analysis and advisory services, consultation services, as well as online intelligence tools and technology to bring true insight into our clients’ business environment. Our solutions and services are tailored to serve a variety of business needs regardless of function, industry type or language barriers.
  • Global data coverage: We currently monitor hundreds of millions (constantly growing) of online sources, over 2,000 print media sources and over 100 TV and Radio news broadcasts 24/7 to serve our clients anytime, anywhere
  • Strong technology: Our proprietary, patent-pending big data technology searches, selects and filters the relevant and only relevant content from all over the world for our clients
  • Human intellect: Our 450 analysts worldwide provide intelligence to our clients by providing them with insight based on information from over 70 languages


Managing with information has become critical in strategic planning and creating value for a company. For organizations striving to succeed in a world ruled by information, we provide technology solutions such as M-Adaptive and Intelligence Plaza, as well as consulting and monitoring services to help you improve performance. From social media monitoring to how you set up and run your internal market intelligence organization, there is an information solution just for you. To share global best practice M-Brain is organizing vendor-free conferences for intelligence professionals.



Sedulo Group is a leading, globally-recognized, full-service competitive strategy firm offering competitive intelligence, market intelligence, and strategy consulting. Sedulo was founded in 2004 by Heath Gross, a former government Counterintelligence agent, whose 20+ years of intelligence experience has served to build Sedulo into the largest CI firm in the US. What differentiates Sedulo is our ability to blend primary and secondary research with strategic analysis, bridging the gap between traditional CI firms and Big 4 consulting firms. Sedulo operates two divisions: a Life-Science division (focused on pharmaceuticals/healthcare) and a Business Services division (focused on a broad range of industries). Each division works in tandem, providing our clients with in-depth intelligence, insights, and implications.


KnowledgeAgent is recognized as a leading solutions provider to support decision making processes and strategy formulations through strategic research and analysis.

Our research experts, industry analysts, and technology consultants have been providing reliable results and realizing tailor-made market intelligence solutions for more than a decade.

Our market intelligence solution Knowledge Connect is a cloud-based tool delivering comprehensive insights from competitors and markets.

  • Digitize and automate knowledge in your daily operations
  • Gain access to most valuable information within a few clicks
  • Share internal and external information across your entire organization

Knowledge Connect is implemented within minutes and starts from as low as € 99 per month.

Watch the video for more information.



EMBS Group is a provider of business intelligence and market research services. We reduce uncertainty and provide our clients with a solid basis for their business decisions to help them achieve their strategic objectives in new and existing markets. We are specialists in Europe and Central Asia, and capable of successfully delivering market intelligence projects for any country globally. All of our projects are tailor – made and designed specifically to solve our clients’ business issues. As result, they are often a mix of different services we offer and different methodologies we employ. At EMBS we are focused on providing solutions to real business problems. Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to professionalism, a desire to understand your needs, our network of contacts and our pride in providing high – quality customer service.


InfoDesk is a leading technology company that empowers organizations to optimize the potential of actionable intelligence through tailored information management solutions that federate all types of information.

Using proprietary technology and the insight of human analysts, InfoDesk is able to acquire, ingest and transform high volumes of disparate data in real-time from a large catalog of content sources. Through a unique suite of services, InfoDesk delivers time-sensitive and strategic insights for multiple organizational needs, supporting decision-making, mitigating risk and raising competitive awareness.

With offices based in New York, London and India, InfoDesk has been providing targeted intelligence solutions to multinational corporations, government agencies, and other organizations since 1999.


Comintelli sells best-in-class software for Market and Competitive Intelligence that converts unstructured Big Data content into organized, digestible information for decision-making.  Our software platform, Intelligence2day®, is an Insight Engine that helps you avoid drowning in information while thirsting for insights.


We enable organizations to make the most effective strategic and tactical moves relating to their customers, markets, and competition at the rapid pace that the digital business world demands. Course5 Intelligence does this by driving digital transformation through analytics, insights, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our clients experience a higher top line and bottom line results in regards to improved customer satisfaction and business agility. As we solve today’s problems for our clients, we also enable them to reshape their businesses to meet and actualize the future.

Our company name, Course5 Intelligence, aptly describes our mission. The business world today is swimming in oceans of data with multiple technologies and methodologies.


bc.lab is one of the leading German providers of social media monitoring and social media analysis supporting leading international clients. bc.lab offers high quality, customized cloud-based social media monitoring solutions combined with the expertise of social media analysts and IT professionals geared to address its customers’ objectives by keeping them up to date and informing them about opinions, discussions and key issues related to their company, brand, products and competitors.

The platform offers a comprehensive view of current discussions, sentiments, trends and opinions across social and traditional media sources, and takes into account company internal communication processes and workflow. It also offers a practice-proven and reliable early warning system, krisen.radar©, enabling companies and organizations to identify crisis issues before they escalate. As a result, bc.lab enables its customers to identify potential crises at an early stage of development in support of their issue and reputation management functions, as well as in the evaluation of their marketing and PR campaigns.

bc.lab also offers specially adapted monitoring technologies to tackle closed Chinese social media and internet space, relying on manual and automated translation capabilities and highly professional Chinese-speaking social media analysts.


Atheneum provides an Innovative Global Insights Platform which ensures our Corporate, Consulting and Investment clients are able to overcome almost all Compliance, Language and Limited Resource challenges on primary research projects.

Our proprietary Platform delivers on-demand and targeted access to Industry professionals and operational specialists through an engaged network of over 400,000 experts.

Competitive, Market & Business Intelligence professionals use Atheneum to access market knowledge and Insight at an Industry, Technology, Company and/or Process level. They enjoy the flexibility to either engage with experts directly or outsource interviews and single client studies to Atheneum as required.

Atheneum’s unique portfolio of services is Revolutionising Market Research and Knowledge Sharing.


Part of CNIM Group, Bertin IT is a software publisher specialized in information systems security and advanced processing of digital and voice data.

With more than 15 years of collaboration with the French Directorate General of Armaments (Direction générale de l’armement – DGA) to protect classified information, as well as with several government defense and security agencies, Bertin IT offers a unique range of cyber security solutions, from the defense in depth of sensitive information systems to the anticipation of threats and the detection of data leaks or fraudulent activity. Its cyber intelligence platforms are used by a number of intelligence agencies. Through its cyber threat intelligence services, Bertin IT provides major public and private customers with expert analysts and research technologies in order to determine their level of exposure to cyber risks and identify any potential threats.

Bertin IT is also a key player in digital intelligence and speech processing technologies. Its AMI Enterprise Intelligence software has more than 150 clients, including Thales, Safran, Engie, EDF, Deutsche Telekom and the French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute (Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire – IRSN). Through its leading multilingual speech transcription brand, Vecsys, Bertin IT has a presence in media monitoring, trade surveillance and client relationship management. The software is used by a range of different clients, including media monitoring companies, press and communications bodies, investment banks and contact centers.

Bertin IT is based in Montigny (Greater Paris) and has close to 120 employees in France, Morocco, Germany and the United Kingdom.


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Primary Media Partner

Internet of Strategy Network covers content around best practices, discussions, and solutions within the scope of digitization and its appliance in businesses. Topics such as IT Security, Digital Marketing, Finance, HR Technology and many more are increasingly gaining importance important and call for decision makers willing to use chances and benefits of digital transformation.


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