Innovation & Trendscouting – How to incorporate trendscouting & forsesight and their tools (e.g. scenario planning) for your insights and innovation strategies?

Trendscouting for leveraging innovation outcomes are crucial for companies and institutions to stay competitive in complex, constantly evolving and dynamic markets. Incorporating scenario planning and trendscouting into insight and foresight strategies allow companies and institutions to anticipate potential disruptions and capitalize on emerging trends at an early stage. By connecting foresight approaches, organizations can better understand upcoming needs and behaviors of their customers, identify new opportunities for growth, and develop effective strategies for long-term success.

In this presentation, you will learn:

Which aspects are needed and which methods/tools are used for strategic foresight in daily business,

How to perform trend analysis for discovering emerging tech,

How to combine classical and AI-based/-enabled analytics for strategic foresight work.

Rüdiger SüssSenior Strategist, Foresight & Trend Analysis, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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