Case study: ‘Agfa healthcare journey towards competitive intelligence’

Thank you for your interest in this award-winning case study presented by
Kristina Rylova (Business Strategy Analyst at Agfa Healthcare)

“Agfa healthcare journey towards  competitive intelligence”

Watch the video case study, recorded at our previous Competitive Intelligence event in July 2018 by fulfilling your details below.

Watch the video to learn how to evolve:

  • From reactive Competitive Intelligence to smart, proactive CI insights to targeted stakeholders
  • Shift the insights from numerous emails to one platform
  • Evolve the process from manual computing to automated process
  • Engage all the teams to share knowledge instead of only one CI-expert
  • Launching a new dynamic analysis tool instead of just piling all the research to archive

Should you have troubles accessing the video, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you out.

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